Latest Thug Hunter Update: Thug Tricks Out A Straight GuyJanuary 23, 2012

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Try maybe sucking a straight dick. Yo, too many hustlers out here in the streets. Trying to make a fast buck. Why not try flipping them out. That the whats up of whats up in Thug hunter. Find Thugs who think they run game or the hood their in and turn them into twinks for a few hundred bucks. Take for example, this guy we found in the corner of the hood. He was trying to hustle us but we ran game and flipped it on him. Flashed him some cash and the next thing you know he was flossing his teeth with dick. Fed him a few hundred more and he gave up that ass. Thats what's up. So the next time your in the hood, watch your ass or else the thug hunters gonna tap it. Click here to join and see all our videos.


See what happens when the thug hunter makes a visit to a hood near you. Watch as he gets sucked and fucks muscle black guys. It's out of control!

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