Latest Thug Hunter Update: Opening Up The Candy ShopAugust 15, 2011

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Wandering the hood is getting more and more dangerous by the day. This week I was walking the streets with my homeboy Sean who came here from White boy town USA. He said he wanted to find a thug and get into his O-ring. It didnt take long to find one lurking in the shadows, smoking a dutch cigarette and looking around the corners for the po-po. After repeatedly asking us if we were cops he then started asking what we wanted. So then I told him that Sean wanted to get his dick sucked by a thug and threw him a price. You would think that he would turn it down or ask for an insane amount of money, not this guy he only wanted 50 dollars more than the asking about a hustler. But let me tell you this good toothed gangster really knows how to suck a dick! And when it came to taking it in the booty hole, This thug took it like a champ! Thats how we do it in the streets Click here to join and see all our videos.


See what happens when the thug hunter makes a visit to a hood near you. Watch as he gets sucked and fucks muscle black guys. It's out of control!

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