Latest Thug Hunter Update: Mathew McConaugay Railing The Thug With The Pouty LipsJuly 25, 2011

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Me and my boy Jacob were scouring the ghetto. He kinda looks like a young Matthew McConaughey. Turns out he has a fantasy about fucking a stacked up Thug out on the Mean Streets. But he's been apprehensive about it because he doesnt want to be shot or stabbed for walking up to the wrong thug. Luckily for him, I knew where to look for the finest in quality THug. We went to some abandoned lot where we found this dude protecting his "territory" This thug had some pouty Lips though thats for sure. Those looked like DSLs so I started flashing some money around and he took the bait. What can I say I got the "Turning Boys Touch", we took him to the rails and my boy railed him on old tire by the train tracks..Thats how we do. Click here to join and see all our videos.


See what happens when the thug hunter makes a visit to a hood near you. Watch as he gets sucked and fucks muscle black guys. It's out of control!

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