Latest Thug Hunter Update: I Love Gay Black ThugsFebruary 13, 2012

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My boy Tony and I were scouring through the hood. Hunting for some of that delicious Chocolate Ass. He told me he always dreamed about corn-holing a thug in his native environment. Thats when we spotted him. He was wearing a green outfit looking like Leprechaun in the Hood. I knew we had acquired our target. So we stopped him and interviewed him right quick to see if there was a possibility. After mentioning how much money he could make he became very attentive, but when i mentioned slinging dick for gay men he was immediately turned off. No problem i know the thug "Achilles heel". Money. Waved a few hundred bucks in his face and he was on all fours waiting for that dick to gape his asshole wide open. Looks like we turned yet another Thug into a Thug-twinkie...Boohyah!! Click here to join and see all our videos.


See what happens when the thug hunter makes a visit to a hood near you. Watch as he gets sucked and fucks muscle black guys. It's out of control!

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