Latest Thug Hunter Update: Another Thug Hunted!March 19, 2012

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Wassup Guys?? Today we bring you a gangsta sexy thug we ran into at a corner store. We walked up to him and I'm pretty sure if we didn't speak up quick he would've probably shot at us or something. But anyway, he was very defensive and offended by our offers which he refused the first 3 offers but couldn't resist our last offer... Ryan was too happy because he had been craving some thug manhole for quite some time now so that made his day. We took this little thug with us to this abandoned building rooftop and fucked his thug ass!!! It was fucking sweet.. ENJOY!!! Click here to join and see all our videos.


See what happens when the thug hunter makes a visit to a hood near you. Watch as he gets sucked and fucks muscle black guys. It's out of control!

Another Thug Hunted! thug hunter Another Thug Hunted!


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